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Trading from China to Latin America

We connect with a myriad of suppliers in Asia for you

About us

HAKKA TRADING CORP. LIMITED., domiciled in Hong Kong, since 2012, is a company focused on providing state-of-the-art supply solutions, equipment, raw materials, tools, industrial services, construction and facilities.

Our extensive experience in the Asian and international markets allows us to connect with a myriad of suppliers, emphasizing quality and driving ability, providing efficient and effective services that meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Mission​

Supported by our valuable human capital, we are committed to achieving excellence, guaranteeing minimum waiting times, the best service, the best prices, the existence and quality of machinery, raw materials, equipment, spare parts and technology.

Our Vision

With the unconditional support, commitment and excellence of professionals, we aim towards global recognition as a company with quality of service and products, innovating every day to keep ourselves in continuous improvement


For us it is vital to achieve important links with our clients hand in hand with technology, since it allows us to continuously work towards the achievement of the highest standards of integrity and quality of service, allowing our expansion in the market with preference in our products.

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Our company offers our clients the highest quality standards, giving the best delivery times and technology transfer exchange in our products.

How can we help you?

We have an innovative team of professionals trained in the technical area and the international business area, which allows us to deliver solutions based on our principles of efficiency and innovation for all of Latin America.


We provide efficient and effective services that meet the expectations of our customers.

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